A message from the CEO

What we’re learning – results from GFN’s annual member survey

Dear Partner – Feedback has always been important to GFN; it helps our organization continuously develop, strengthens trust and communication, and reinforces our culture. Recently, our team analyzed findings from our 2020 Membership Satisfaction Survey, an annual measurement of GFN services and strategic direction, completed anonymously by our network. The feedback that we glean from this annual examination is critical to our future. We know that the people with the best solutions to fighting hunger are those who are closest to hunger in their own communities – our member food bankers. We are delighted to share that this year’s survey had a 75% response rate from the network. Overall, an average of 95% of respondents reported a “strongly agree/agree” satisfaction rate. A few more highlights from the findings:
  • 97% responded that “GFN is one of the most important sources of counsel to which I turn” when facing a vexing challenge or considering a pathway forward
  • 97% report that GFN provides opportunities for meaningful exchange of ideas, peer-to-peer learning, and opportunities to share experiences and best practices with other food banks
  • 94% consider access to a global network and 89% of respondents consider GFN technical support to be key drivers in their food banking organization more effectively achieving its mission
This survey also revealed several ways that we need to be adjusting our approach at GFN.  First, as GFN grows to operate in more geographies, it’s crucial to build our presence in Asia and Latin America – the regions with the greatest concentration of food banking members. We are committed to expanding our presence in Asia and Latin America, and we aim to create GFN hubs in these two fast-growing regions of the world. Second, at a time when 100% of food banks served by GFN are experiencing unprecedented demands for service, we must provide more support for food sourcing.  We’re seeking a Manager, Global Product Sourcing Partnerships to develop and nurture relationships with multinational companies. To support food banks in accessing food and grocery products to meet the needs of the food insecure families they serve, GFN is committed to accelerating partnerships with multinational and regionally operating companies across the supply chain from farms to retail and food service outlets. Lastly, GFN was created to help power communities in the fight against hunger. What was clear from this year’s survey, is our network is counting on us to help inspire new partners to join the work that they are leading at the local level. Therefore, GFN has launched a search for a Vice President of Strategic Communications. We’re adding this position to the leadership team at GFN to raise awareness about the critical work food banks carry out, and to lift up the voices and experiences of those they serve. In doing so, we hope more individuals, companies, foundations, and stakeholders will come alongside food banks in their communities, and join the global movement to zero out hunger. To learn more about this new role, please click here. It has been an inspiration to work at GFN for nearly five years. I’m beyond excited about where we’ve come from – and where we’re going. Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Thank you. My best, Lisa Moon President & CEO The Global FoodBanking Network