Partnering With New Food Banks

Partnering with New Food Banks

When local leaders decide a food bank would strengthen their community, The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) is there to support from planning to launch and beyond. Since 2006, GFN has supported new and developing food banking organizations in approximately 20 countries, helping to increase access to food and building resilient food systems. Our New Food Bank Development Program walks leaders through the steps, from assessing community need, determining resource availability, planning, building capital, and all the way to launching successful food banks. GFN accepts a limited number of organizations into this program to ensure that our team can best support new and developing food banks.

Starting a New Food Bank

To aid local leaders through the process of planning and launching a food bank, GFN created the six-part toolkit series, Starting a Food Bank. This toolkit series provides information and guidance not only for food banks in the conception stages but also for developing food banks in the process of stabilizing and scaling operations.
  • “Understanding Food Banking,” the first toolkit of this six-part series, explains how food banks support communities, describes common operating models and lays out the role of The Global FoodBanking Network. Download this toolkit.
  • “Laying the Groundwork,” the second toolkit in the series, outlines the basic steps involved in establishing a food bank and how to frame the planning process. Download this toolkit.
  • The other toolkits, “Accessing Feasibility,” “Building a Business Plan,” “Generating Support,” and “Launching & Beyond,” are available upon request at
For more information about the New Food Bank Development Program, please contact

“We’ve only known GFN for a relatively short period of time, yet the amount of trust and assistance that GFN has given us is amazing. With GFN’s support, we now have a warehouse facility that allows us to receive additional food donations.”

Astrid Paramita

CEO and Co-Founder, Food Cycle Indonesia

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Food banking is a proven solution for nourishing communities through dedicated and unified action. Join us in creating a global network of food banks that empowers the world to defeat hunger.