The Global FoodBanking Network
Response to COVID-19Fighting Hunger During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 is risking lives and livelihoods. More than one-third of the globe’s workers are unemployed due to the pandemic, according to the International Labour Organization.  This, combined with chronic hunger and poverty, is driving demand for food bank service to unprecedented levels. 

The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN)  is supporting local food banks that are on the front lines of providing hunger relief during this crisis.  Below is more information on our response including a newsfeed detailing key milestones in our response, and how you can help.

Supporting COVID-19 relief in 40+ countries

Food banking organizations are seeing an overwhelming increase in demand for food aid. We are providing crucial support and important communication channels for food banks to prepare and respond to this growing need. Our response has included:

  • A COVID-19 response fund that so far has supported relief efforts in 45 countries;
  • Technical support to help food banks procure and distribute meals;
  • Knowledge sharing to help food banking organizations serve more children and families in crisis by navigating supply chain disruptions and evolving distribution mechanisms;
  • Appeals to governments and businesses to be provide relief to vulnerable populations adversely affected by this crisis.

We Need Your Help

To provide meals to more families in need, we need your help.  Support from partners like you keeps food bank warehouses stocked, trucks on the road and food assistance running to the most vulnerable populations.


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19 May 2020 – Hunger relief during COVID-19: weekly best practice document UPDATED

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15 April 2020Q&A: Food Bank Singapore’s rapid response to COVID-19 (Blog)

15 April 2020‘World hunger could double due to COVID-19’ – How are food banks responding? (President’s Update)

14 April 2020 – The COVID-19 Pandemic is Deepening the Hunger Crisis. Food Banks Can’t Do It Alone (Open Letter)

10 April 2020Food Banks Around the World Surge to Meet Demand as COVID-19 Leaves Communities Reeling: GFN aids food banks in 43 countries in pandemic response (Press Release)

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24 February 2020COVID-19 impact on food banks across Asia Pacific (President’s Update)

Thank You

GFN is grateful for the critical support our partners have provided to food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your generosity helps food banks maintain operations and provide aid to the millions of people who are now food insecure as a result of the virus.