8 Million by 2018 Campaign

A Meal Can Make a World of Difference

Thanks to the generous support of friends like you, The Global FoodBanking Network currently helps organizations in more than 30 countries feed 6.8 million hungry people. With your help, we can feed one million more!

The 8 Million by 2018 Campaign will provide nutritious meals to one million more people by the end of 2018. We have successfully completed the fundraising phase to raise $1 million in support of this effort and we are now partnering with food banks across the globe to initiate plans to provide 8 million people facing hunger with nutritious meals by the end of 2018. We invite you to support this work by making a gift today!

Every $1 invested in this campaign will allow the GFN network of food banks to deliver 15 meals helping you change lives today – and for years to come.

More than half of Mexico’s children live in poverty. The lucky ones receive a healthy meal once a day at school. But on weekends and school breaks, they have little—sometimes nothing—to eat.

Every Friday, volunteers with Alimento para Todos I.A.P. send 302 children home with a backpack loaded with rice, beans, fruit and more. Thanks to generous donations, those children have the mental and physical energy to return to school on Monday ready to learn.

With your contribution, we can help food banks become more efficient. In 2016, GFN partnered with Feeding Hong Kong to develop an operational system to increase food bank efficiency by nearly 30%. Plans are underway to roll this system out around the network.

“After just a few weeks of transitioning to the new system, the impact on productivity has been immediate. Quite simply, we can now rescue more food and feed more people.” – Gabrielle Kirstein, Feeding Hong Kong

1 in 9 people worldwide go to bed hungry. GFN promotes community-based approaches to hunger relief through food banking. Since its launch, GFN has helped establish food banks in fifteen countries that today are thriving.

“Our ‘learning curve’ for the construction of our food bank has resulted in success, thanks to GFN and experts, who provided us the ‘know-how’ and who encouraged us to build a self-sustaining organization.” – Mauricio Ramirez, Banco de Alimentos Diakonia, Ecuador

The GFN Network of food banks across 32 countries are committed to feeding 8 million by 2018.

Thanks to Those Who Have Already Committed Support

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General Mills
Griffith Foods

Thank you to the food banks who have endorsed this campaign

  • Alimento para Todos I.A.P.
  • Asociación de Bancos de Alimentos de Colombia
  • Banco de Alimentos Diakonía (Ecuador)
  • Banco de Alimentos Guatemala
  • Banco de Alimentos de Honduras
  • Bancos de Alimentos de Mexico (BAMX)
  • Banco de Alimentos Panama
  • Banco de Alimentos República Dominicana
  • Bulgarian Food Bank
  • FareShare UK
  • Feeding Hong Kong
  • Foodbank Australia
  • The Food Bank Singapore
  • FoodForward South Africa
  • Fundación Banco de Alimentos Paraguay
  • Green Food Bank (China)
  • Leket Israel
  • Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos
  • Taiwan People’s Food Bank Association

The world’s #1 health risk – hunger – is 100% preventable and 100% curable.

Join Us to Nourish 8 Million by 2018

Want to help? Join us!  Learn how you can get involved by contacting us at cparsons@foodbanking.org