A message from the CEO

“We are on the brink of a hunger pandemic”

Dear Partner – When I shared an update this week, we were able to provide important details on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Africa. Since then, the Global Network Against Food Crises sounded the alarm that this pandemic could double the number of people facing life-threatening food shortages. The executive director of the UN World Food Programme said in a report to the UN Security Council this week that “we are on the brink of a hunger pandemic. A New York Times article further painted a vivid picture of how from Bogota to Nairobi to Delhi, hundreds of millions of people are now without incomes, leaving families across the world unsure how they will survive. More than 80 percent of The Global FoodBanking Network food banks are based in low- and middle-income countries. These essential community-based organizations are on the front lines of fighting this dramatic, immediate increase in need around the world. With these new UN projections, the daily work of food banks has become all the more critical. Every day, around the clock, GFN is working to ensure we reach those who are overwhelmed with this hunger crisis throughout the world. We need your help in the fight against hunger. Please consider today how you can accelerate the work to combat the human rights costs of this pandemic:
  • Donate. Support from partners like you keeps food bank warehouses stocked, trucks on the road and food assistance running to the most vulnerable populations. Donate today.
  • Raise awareness. The challenge of hunger needs powerful advocates like you to create change. Please consider using your social platforms to let your networks know about this emergency and how to make a difference. Share our social posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and share media articles that shine a light on the challenge of hunger.
  • Stay informed. We at GFN are committed to providing updates on how we are tackling this crisis, and are highlighting expert guidance on how the hunger challenge is unfolding.
Our work – and the work of the food banks we serve – is only made possible thanks to concerned, global citizens like you.Together, thinking globally, acting locally, country by country we are fighting this hunger crisis caused by COVID-19. We are humbled to have your engagement and look forward to keeping you apprised as we forge ahead. Thank you for your partnership. My best, Lisa Moon President & CEO The Global FoodBanking Network