A message from the CEO

The Global FoodBanking Network 2018 Annual Report is now available!

Dear GFN Partners and friends, It is with great pleasure that I share with you The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report, “One Network. Toward Zero Hunger. Empowering food bank leaders in more than 30 countries.”   FY2018 was a year of immense growth for GFN. The number of food insecure and hungry people served by the GFN network increased by 670,000 over the year before. In FY2018, the food banks GFN serves distributed 472 million kilograms of food and grocery products to those in need, through more than 800 food banks in 31 countries, partnering with 55,013 local social service agencies. The network itself grew by adding 17 new food banks to national networks. In this year’s annual report, we are spotlighting the people that made this possible – the food bank leaders that GFN serves. These everyday heroes work tirelessly to meet hunger needs in their communities, and they do so with creativity, skill and a commitment to excellence.   Because people power food banks, GFN prioritized uniting, strengthening and training food bank leaders around the world with a special emphasis on food banks in middle- and low-income countries where the problem of hunger remains persistent. In 2018, GFN’s knowledge exchange and training programs reached 50 percent of staff employed by its members, and our annual Food Bank Leadership Institute convened a record number of attendees, from every country in the network.   The intensive focus on training and knowledge exchange were complemented by increased financial investment in helping food banks reach more people facing hunger with a more nutritious food basket, with an emphasis on farms and the agricultural sector to procure more fruit and vegetables.  Overall, GFN devoted 75 percent of its budget to programs helping food bankers scale their operations this year, making grants to food bank organizations in 20 countries.   As we enter the new year, GFN will look to expand our global reach as we enter a new stage of strategic development to increase the procurement of wholesome surplus food, feed more hungry people, especially vulnerable children, and strengthen food banks in emerging market economies.
I invite you to read The Global FoodBanking Network FY2018 Annual Report.   With best regards,
Lisa Moon
President & CEO