Accelerate the Global Power of Food Banking

Help Develop the Next Generation of Food Banking Leaders

GFN’s global network connects and empowers food banks in 32 countries that together distribute more than 930 million pounds of food annually to feed 6.8 million people in need.

The GFN Network is poised to grow, and you can be part of this growth. Members of the GFN network have increased food distribution by 25 percent annually on average over the past five years. By sponsoring and sharing your expertise with another food banker, you can boost the importance of food banking all over the world.



Food Bank Sponsorship Program

The Global FoodBanking Network is inviting established food banks to sponsor an emerging international food bank leader. This sponsorship will equip the emerging leader to more efficiently and effectively scale their organization and can be a source of pride and motivation for the sponsoring staff, volunteers, and donors.

The Global FoodBanking Network/FeedingAmerica Connection

GFN was co-founded in 2006 by the then CEO of Feeding America and his peers at the Argentine, Canadian, and Mexican food bank networks. GFN was established in response to Feeding America receiving increasing requests from other countries to help establish and expand food banks.

Since inception, a senior executive from Feeding America has served on the GFN Board Several US Food Bank CEOs have served on the GFN Board Since inception, several US food banks have supported GFN financially.

“Partnering with an international food bank will rally our staff, volunteers, and donors who have such strong connections overseas.”

Opportunities to Partner


Bronze Sponsor – $1,500 – Adopt a Food Banker

Support from Bronze members helps a fellow food banker attend GFN’s annual Food Bank Leadership Institute, the only global forum for educating, sharing best practices, and building a global community of food bank leaders. Each year, GFN provides assistance to food bank leaders from emerging and developing food banks who otherwise would not be able to travel to attend this event, held every year in Houston, which for many is the single most important educational opportunity in their new careers.

Silver Sponsorship – $5,000 – Adopt a Food Banker + Ground Support

In addition to adopting a food banker, Silver Sponsors will also help fund a trip by GFN’s Network Development staff to provide on-the-ground technical assistance to developing and emerging food banks. Our Network Development staff, with over sixty years of food banking experience, provides a critical source of operational support and expertise as food banks grow, encounter new challenges, and develop new programs.

Gold Sponsorship – $10,000 – Adopt a Food Banker + Build Capacity

In addition to adopting a food banker, Gold Sponsors will support GFN’s capacity building program, which in 2017 will roll out an inventory management systems to emerging food banks. Many new food banks are managing inventory in Microsoft Excel, Access, or on paper. The GFN IT Starter Kit offers food banks an off-the-shelf inventory, volunteer, and donor management system. The system was piloted in Hong Kong earlier this year, and yielded 30 percent gains in efficiency. In the next 12 months, the system will be rolled out in four additional food banks.

Program Partners