How Food Banking Kenya’s programs grew exponentially in just one year

Since 2017, Food Banking Kenya (FBK) has been increasing access to food in Kenya. GFN works alongside FBK by advising the development of special programs and providing funding to strengthen operations and feed more people across the country.

While COVID-19 drove up hunger rates exponentially, FBK distributed almost 8,000 percent more food in 2020 over the year prior. FBK was able to successfully adapt its operations and programs because of its committed, innovative, and agile leaders, and its strong partnership with GFN.

Here are some ways FBK expanded amid the pandemic:

The rapid growth of Food Banking Kenya highlights the tenacity and dedication of its leaders.

As the organization continues to strengthen food relief efforts, GFN is proud to partner with the food bank and support its work. Learn more about Food Banking Kenya.