GFN’s top 10 moments of 2019

Thank you for joining us this past year and being a valued partner and friend of The Global FoodBanking Network. In case you missed it, here are the top 10 things that you helped make happen last year!

10. Food bank leaders from 10 countries met in Chicago during the coldest week on record last year, known as the Polar Vortex, and even found time to discuss trends in national food bank network organizations. 9. Commemorated World Food Day across the globe by celebrating with food banks in 15 countries and launching the second annual State of Global Food Banking. 8. Celebrated female food bank leaders and the women we serve on International Women’s Day. 7. We were honored as a finalist for the Lipman Family Prize, awarded annually to organizations committed to bringing innovative ideas to new places and problems around the world. 6. More than 150 food banks leaders from 50 countries attended the largest conference on food banking globally in London. 5. Forged new partnerships with organizations in Jordan, India and sub-Saharan Africa to reach even more people facing hunger. 4. With partners across the globe, we revealed that food banks serve 62.5 million people worldwide and prevent approximately 2.68 million metric tons of edible surplus food being wasted, mitigating an estimated 10.54 billion kilograms of CO2-eq annually. 3. Invested more than 2 million dollars in food banks across the globe in 2019. 2. Invited eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region to join the Asia Food Bank Incubator program, aimed at accelerating the development and scaling of food banking in the Asia-Pacific region. 1. And finally, we exceeded our goal of reaching 8 million people by 2018 by more than one million, announcing that food banks in the network served 9.6 million people facing hunger!  Thank you again for making all of this possible, it could not have been done without your support! We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together next year!