A message from the CEO

COVID-19 impact on food banks across Asia-Pacific

Over the past several weeks the world watched as the 2019 novel coronavirus, COVID-19, spread across the globe. Late last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Not only are we dealing with global health concerns, but the impacts of the outbreak could cause severe political, social and economic implications in the region. Due to this, The Global FoodBanking Network has been closely monitoring the situation and its impact throughout Asia-Pacific. In times of challenge, those that were struggling before are now struggling even more. The food banks in the Asia-Pacific region are already affected by wild fires, social unrest and other challenges first-hand. During this time, many of our member food banks have made the decision to remain open to continue serving those in need but are currently experiencing setbacks, due to volunteer engagement and food donations being negatively impacted or restricted. Because of the growing concerns in the region, these organizations need your support. How can you help? Right now, our food banks need a variety of support, but especially financial. Every dollar makes a difference. Help keep food bank warehouses open, trucks on the road and food assistance running to the most vulnerable people in those communities that too often are forgotten. Please consider sharing the Asia-Pacific food bank websites with your supporters. An outpouring of support is meaningful. This is the power of a network. Learn more about our certified members in the region and how you can help: